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Ive downloaded the Windows Plugin v0.5.1 Installer so many times and it still doesnt work. I used to be able to go to advanced imikimi but now it says I need the plugin. Why wont it work. Im using Firefox and Im on windows vista


  • I see noone is answering you about this matter either! I want the same question answered :/
  • animalz07animalz07 Posts: 117
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    Sorry that no-one has answered you yet.

    The problem is that the newest version of Firefox does not support the Imikimi plug-in. I also downloaded the plug-in umpteen times and even though it says it's installed, it doesn't work. You're going to have to change the browser that you use. I've moved to Chrome, which works fine, just now and then the plugin crashes.
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  • i have tried chrome but still nothing
  • I'm having the same problem too. I've tried on all different browsers and it still DOESN't work for me...very frustrating!
  • inez0909inez0909 Posts: 5
    I did download the plug in and I could make kimi's for one day. Now it does not work anymore.... I always are redirected to the homepage.
  • rlg1962rlg1962 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with the plug in. It does not work but says it installed successfully. It is a shame that such a beautiful site has such a terrible customer service and tech support.
  • Das gleich Problem habe ich auch warum ging es bei XP und nicht bei Windows 7. Komme zwar auf meine Bilder drauf die ich bei XP angefertig habe.
  • animalz07animalz07 Posts: 117
    rlg1962 said:

    I have the same problem with the plug in. It does not work but says it installed successfully. It is a shame that such a beautiful site has such a terrible customer service and tech support.

    Have you tried contacting them directly on yet?

    I suggest that you do that and perhaps they'll be able to give you some advice. Unfortunately, I don't know much about the technical side of things here.

  • sheee_1sheee_1 Posts: 4
    My imkimi plugin isnt working ...dang it...what is going on here i have payed for says it downloaded but it dont show up.....and i have windows 7 and am using google chrome.....could some one help me here....>> :(
  • sheee_1sheee_1 Posts: 4
    I tryed chrome also plugin still dont work :(
  • animalz07animalz07 Posts: 117
    sheee_1 said:

    I tryed chrome also plugin still dont work :(

    Have you tried e-mailing the site owners at yet? That's all I can suggest that you do, sorry I can't help you.
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  • The customer service on this site is non-existent. They are very quick to take your money, but very slow to help with problems. I am also having the same problem with the plugin I have down loaded it many times but I am still unable to make any kimi's

    Sort it out Imikimi or you will be losing all your customers!
  • mbk3kmbk3k Posts: 14
    Why does imikimi plug ins don't work in Mozilla Firefox Version 21.0 ?
    There are so many folks that need help here!
    Please will someone help us all, there must be at least one Tech that could help us all!
    I have Mozilla Firefox 21.0 for my default & Internet Explorer 10 as my back up!
    OS is Windows 7
  • welldonewelldone Posts: 1
    I have tried to down load the plug in so dam many times and it just don't work tried everything I know to get it to work but again does not restarted computer restarted the links even deleted everything imikimi and started allover again what does it take to make a kimi
  • When i use imikimi i can only cutomize one time and the next kimi i like to make, does not load and after thad i even cant,t play movies at you tube anymore, page loads but wont play the movies, everything else on the internet '' like facebook'' works. I have to reset my router in order to watch you tube or to work on imikimi....With or without plugin it doesnt matter. i get the same results.....HELP PLEASE!!
  • petapeta Posts: 1
    I cannot use make a Kimi because I am using an IMac is there a plugging for Mac usurers please I use safari Browser
  • listen guyz iam having the same problem iam using it with explorer its slow but working u also try to use it in explorer
  • SosweetamiSosweetami Posts: 1
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    As everyone can see, this problem has been going on for a full year at least by the looks of the first posting in this thread and NO serviceman has answer to these problems, nor have they created a new plug in! its like the admins on this site have diapered and have let this once great site run itself :( Ive had all of the exact same problems as everyone in this thread have expressed about . I tried Chrome, Firefox,as well a Internet Explorer and nothing works, Then plug its installed, but on all browsers the plug in doesn't even show on in the plug in nor extension files of the browser. Im not computer savvy about these sorts of things, but I do know that its clear the we all (plus so many others who have never spoken up about these problems) are experiencing something that imikimi staff should have either fixed, or told us that was in the process of fixing by now. Its such an awesome site that i myself have happily used for years until this problem. I truly hope that imikimi staff will get on the ball soon and fix this for us because it is/was the best site out there for making creative pictures,
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  • mbk3kmbk3k Posts: 14
    Well folks, I'm here again & still can't make a kimi using Mozilla Firefox.
    I have Version 29.0. Where are you website kimi's owner of this site or did you just up & left us!
    I love making kimis for friends & more..
    I was here last year in July 2013 a whole year later & it's still not working ! Let's get it going now!
  • mbk3kmbk3k Posts: 14
    Oh, I have Windows 7 Firefox 29.9. as my default, IE 11 as my back up!
  • i been having problems downloading the plug since last year i pay moneyfor that year and was a waits of my money and i wish this imikimi could work and i downloading a lot of time an still does not work i what to know why is that i have window vista i us Firefox internet can some one can tell why the plug does not work please i love 2 us imikimi i really really what my imikimi could work it very very very frustrating! !!!!!!!!!!! help me please:(
  • august 02. same problem, Firefox recognizes plug-in but NO option for full
  • can't get it to load and take have vista and using firefox
  • really enjoy this site but i can't get the plug in to load up and i use firefox and my computer is vista use it once along time ago and it worked great then need help to figure out what has happen
  • firefox is no longer compatible with imikimi, you need to use IE or Google Chrome
  • Google chrome traduit automatiquement, un plaisir !
    Appli iphone fonctionne bien malheureusement, toujours pas de francais .
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